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All 70 Genshin Impact Birthday 2024

⭐ Discover【HERE】All Genshin impact Birthdays (????70 characters), is an event that occurs on specific dates in the real world. Each character has a birthday date and they send a letter to all players, regardless of whether you have it or not.

Traveler’s Genshin Impact Birthday

The birthday date of the Traveler is dependent on the player’s vote and could not be changed after defining it. On the day of his birthday, the Development teams, through the messaging system, sends a message of good wishes along with a particular gift: 1 Adventurer’s Cake, which rewards with 1 Weak Resin and a non-consumable version of the cake.

In addition, the player’s current characters will permanently unlock their birthday dialogue. Those acquired after their birthday will bring their own dialogs in all methods, even though it is not their birthday.

Genshin Impact Birthdays Characters | Genshin Birthdays

Once it is a character’s birthday, except for the Traveler, he/she will send a letter with his/her particular dish and a gift related to raising the character’s talents or grade.

It is not necessary to have the character, all players receive this letter. However, you only get the letter if you enter the game on that specific day, and it will not be possible to receive it the day before or the day after, or the following days.

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Dates Genshin Impact Birthday

genshin impact birthdayTravelerEligibleViator (male)
Viatrix (female)
Traveler’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayWanderer / Scaramouche / GlobetrotterJanuary 3PeregrinusWanderer’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayThomaJanuary 9Rubeum ScutumThoma’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayDionaJanuary 18FelesDiona’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayRosariaJanuary 24Spinea CoronaRosaria’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayAlhacén / AlhaithamFebruary 11Vultur VolansAlhacén’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayBeidou /HokutoFebruary 14Victor MareBeidou’s Letter
genshin impact birthdaySangonomiya KokomiFebruary 22Dracaena SomnolentaSangonomiya Kokomi’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayBennettFebruary 29Rota CalamitasBennett’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayQiqiMarch 3Pristina NolaQiqi’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayYaoyaoMarch 6OsmanthusYaoyao’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayShenheMarch 10Crista DolorisShenhe’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayJeanMarch 14Leo MinorJean’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayNoelleMarch 21Parma CordisNoelle’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKamisato AyatoMarch 26Cypressus CustosKamisato Ayato’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayAloyApril 4Nora FortisAloy’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayDehyaApril 7MantichoraDehya’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayXiaoApril 17Alatus NemeseosXiao’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayYelanApril 20Umbrabilis OrchisYelan’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayBaizhuApril 25LagenariaBaizhu’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayDilucApril 30NoctuaDiluc’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayCandaceMay 3 Sagitta ScutumCandace’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayColleiMay 8Leptailurus CervariusCollei’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayGorouMay 18Canis BellatorisGorou’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayYun JinMay 21Opera GrandisYun Jin’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayFischlMay 27CorvusFischl’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayPaimonJune 1Paimon’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayArataki IttoJune 1Taurus IracundusArataki Itto’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayLisaJune 9Tempus FugitLisa’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayVentiJune 16Carmen DeiVenti’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayYoimiyaJune 21Carassius AuratusYoimya’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayCynoJune 23Lupus AureusCyno’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayShogun RaidenJune 26Imperatrix UmbrosaShogun Raiden’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayYae MikoJune 27Divina VulpesYae Miko’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayBárbaraJuly 5CraterBárbara’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKavehJuly 9ParadisaeaKaveh’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKujou SaraJuly 14FlabellumKujou Sara’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayHu TaoJuly 15Papilio CharontisHu Tao’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayTartagliaJuly 20Monoceros CaeliTartaglia’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayShikanoin HeizouJuly 24Cervus MinorShikanoin Heizou’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKleeJuly 27TrifoliumKlee’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKuki ShinobuJuly 27Tribulatio DemptioKuki Shinobu’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayYanfeiJuly 28Bestia IustitiaYanfei’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayAmberAugust 10LepusAmber’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayFaruzanAugust 20Flosculi ImplexiFaruzan’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayNingguang / NinguangAugust 26Opus AequilibriumNinguang’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayMonaAugust 31AstrolabosMona’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayChongyunSeptember 7Nubis CaesorChongyun’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayRazorSeptember 9Lupus MinorRazor’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayAlbedoSeptember 13Princeps CretaceusAlbedo’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKamisato AyakaSeptember 28Grus NivisKamisato Ayaka’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayXingchiuOctober 9Fabulae TextileXingchiu’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayMika SchmidtOctober 11PalumbusMika’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayXinyanOctober 16Fila IgniumXinyan’s Letter
genshin impact birthdaySayuOctober 19Nyctereutes MinorSayu’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayEulaOctober 25Aphros DelosEula’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayNahidaOctober 27Sapientia OromasdisNahida’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKaedehara KazuhaOctober 29Acer PalmatumKaedehara Kazuha’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayXianglingNovember 2TrullaeXiangling’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKeqing / KechingNovember 20Trulla CementariiKeching’s Letter
genshin impact birthdaySacarosaNovember 26AmpullaSucrose’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKaeyaNovember 30Pavo OcellusKaeya’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayGanyuDecember 2Sinae UnicornisGanyu’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayNilouDecember 3Lotos SomnoNilou’s letter
genshin impact birthdayLaila / LaylaDecember 19LusciniaLayla’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayDoriDecember 21Magicae LucernaDori’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayTignari / TighnariDecember 28Vulpes ZerdaTighnari’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayZhongliDecember 31Lapis DeiZhongli’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayKiraraTo be determined
ArcellaKirara’s Letter
genshin impact birthdayDainsleifTo be determined
To be determined
Dainsleif’s Letter
Genshin Impact Birthday
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Frequently asked questions about Genshin Impact birthday – Eligible characters

Normally when we want to know about Genshin Impact birthdays, we tend to look for the one of a single character we like, or out of curiosity we end up searching, so I leave you the most frequently asked questions from users.

When was lumine genshin impact born? – Genshin Birthday

The 1st character story refers to them as twins, but apparently Aether was born a little earlier but on the same day as Lumine.

Lumine is the traveler you can choose at the beginning of the game, so when lumine genshin impact was born or when lumine of Genshin impact turns, is somewhat complicated as it will change depending on the person using the game, as they will enter their own birthday.

genshin impact birthday
Birthday Thoma Genshin Impact

When was Aether genshin impact born? – Genshin Impact Birthday

As I just commented in the history of the creators of the game, they refer to them as twins, but Aether was born a little earlier than Lumine, being the same on the same day.

Aether is the traveler who is eligible at the beginning of the game, the answer to the question of when Aether genshin impact was born, will vary depending on your day of birth, as it will be the one you enter in the game.

Frequently asked questions about Genshin birthday other characters

When we have doubts about any character as the main eligible characters, we always look for it, but what about other secondary characters? They also have birthdays and many users are curious to know, so here are some frequently asked questions.

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When was bennett genshin impact born? or How old is Bennet?

Bennet is 20 years old, and was born on February 29, also known as “Leap Day”, as it only occurs every 4 years.

genshin impact birthday
Birthday Zhongli Genshin Impact

What is Paimon’s age?

Paimon’s profile does not include a year, which means that at the moment there has been no official confirmation of Paimon’s age, although speculation from many users, is that, he is young due to his short stature and impulsive nature.