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Kanji Card 山 (Yama) JLPT N5 Nihongo

kanji card 山 Yama
山 Yama (Mountain)

Taught in grade 1 of Jōyō kanji

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Meaning: Mountain

Onyomi: San (サン), Sen (セン)

Kunyomi: Yama (やま)

Traces: 3

131 of the 2500 kanji most used in newspapers

Decompose kanji 山 | Radical of 山 | Kanji List JLPT N5

Classic radical: 山 (やま): mountain
Grade: 1; JLPT: N5;

Traces of 山 | Japanese Calligraphy 山 | Kanji List JLPT N5

Traces of 山
Traces of 山
 山 Video traces
山 Video traces

Words with 山 | Vocabulary with 山

Words that include this kanji 山 :

  • (やま) mountain ➡️ heap ➡️ pile ➡️ mound ➡️ critical point ➡️ hill
  • 道 【ヤマミチ】 mountain road ➡️mountain trail
  • 猫 (やまねこ) bobcat ➡️ lynx
  • 登り (やまのぼり) mountaineering ➡️ mountaineering
  • 地 (さんち) mountainous region ➡️ mountainous area
  • 岳 (さんがく) mountains ➡️ mounts
  • 崩れ (やまくずれ) landslide (earth, rocks, etc.)
  • 川 (さんせん) mountains and rivers
  • 村 (さんそん) mountain village
  • 林 (さんりん) forest (lit. mountain grove)
  • 積 (さんせき) heap ➡️ stacking ➡️ overcrowding
  • 脈 (さんみゃく) mountain range
  • 葵 (わさび) Japanese horseradish
  • 陰 【やまかげ】 place in the shadow of a mountain ➡️mountain refuge
  • 間 (さんかん) between the mountains
  • 火事 (やまかじ) wildfire
  • の多い: (やまのおおい) mountainous
  • 程の: (やまほどの) a lot of, pile of
  • に登る: (やまにのぼる) climb the mountain
  • を下る: (やまおくだる) down the mountain
  • を越える: (やまおこえる) cross the mountain
  • の頂: (やまのいただき) mountain top, top
  • と積む: (やまとつむ) pile, stack
  • の様な: (やまのような) like a mountain
  • を張る: (やまおはる) speculate
  • を掛ける: (やまおかける) hanging from a mountain
  • (たくさん) many ➡️ abundant
  • (かざん) volcano
  • 灰 (かざんばい) volcanic ash
  • (こうざん) mine (of minerals)
  • (どうざん) copper mine
  • (いわやま) rocky mountain
  • (ひょうざん) iceberg
  • (とざん) mountaineering (mountain)
  • (えんざん) distant mountain
  • 富士 (ふじさん) Mount Fuji
  • 須弥【シュミセン】Mount Sumeru (believed to be the center of the Buddhist world)
Japanese mountain kanji
Japanese mountain kanji

How to read Korean 山 | Korean Kanji 山

Korean: san


How to read Chinese 山 | Chinese Kanji 山

Mandarin Chinese (pinyin): shan


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