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Kinryu no Mai 金龍の舞: The incredible dance of the golden dragon in Tokyo.

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The term Kinryu no mai can be translated as “The Dance of the Golden Dragon”. It is a dance performed by only 9 people who are the main dancers and 8 of them carry a dragon with the help of stakes and it seems to move harmoniously through the air.

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Since when is the Kinryu no Mai 金龍の舞 dance performed?

The Kinryu no Mai Dance, or “The Dance of the Golden Dragon”, is a traditional event that has been performed at Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple since 1958.

This dance is performed by 9 principal dancers, who carry a dragon made of stakes and make it appear to move gently in the air while holding a golden ball representing Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy.

The ball is guarded and protected by the dragon while a group of geishas perform a traditional dance to the rhythm of Japanese hayashi music.

kinryu no mai
Kinryu no Mai

When kinryu no Mai 金龍の舞 is celebrated.

Kinryu no Mai takes place twice a year, on March 18 and October 18, in honor of the appearance of Kannon and a Buddhist mass, respectively (I explain below why these days are these days).

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This event attracts many people and is held three times during the day, with a special stop at Nakamise Street.

If you have the opportunity, the kinryu no mai dance is a perfect occasion to enjoy Japanese culture and see the beauty and synchronization of the dancers up close. Learn more about the Japanese mythology behind this unique golden dragon dance in Japan.


Sensoji temple was rebuilt in 1958, that is, in a period when Japan was also rebuilding after the surrender of World War 2, as much as Sensoji was founded in 645 AD, it was destroyed with the war and Kinryu no Mai (金龍の舞) began to be held from the moment it was rebuilt.

The Kinryu no Mai dance, consists of a dragon following a golden ball that is carried by another dancer. It always attracts many people and takes place at various times of the day.

The whole dragon weighs about 88 kg, so each dancer must hold about 10 kilos during the whole journey, in addition to performing all the movements that must be synchronized.

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kinryu no mai
Kinryu no Mai

This ball is in the shape of a lotus and is actually being guarded and guarded by the dragon it represents.

The ball also represents Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. So, while one person controls the golden ball and the other 8 control the dragon, there is also a group of geishas performing a traditional dance to Japanese music known as hayashi .

The dragon also dances to the same rhythm as this song.


The official name of Sensoji is 金龍山, which means Golden Dragon Mountain. That is, it means this is where the Dragon comes from and so its traditional dance is the Kinryu no Mai, or Golden Dragon Dance.

As the dance is for Kannon, legend has it that on the day he appeared in this world, a golden dragon descended from the heavens and in one night grew a forest of 1000 pine trees. Although there are not 1000 pine trees in the temple, the space is dedicated to her.

Kinryu no Mai Dates

kinryu no mai
Kinryu no Mai

The event takes place every year on March 18 and October 18. Regardless of the day of the week, the event always takes place on these days.

These dates are chosen because on March 18 Kannon would have appeared in the world. And how on October 10 a Buddhist mass was celebrated. Because of this, the festival also takes place on October 18.

The dance takes place right in front of the main hall of Sensoji. Moreover, it takes place in three times. Then, the dance moves to Nakamise Street and attracts more and more people to follow this beautiful dance.

For those who have the opportunity, it is a dance that deserves to be seen. Besides being a great opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture.

When you go on a trip what we like most as travelers is to have the best possible experiences, so these activities that I show you below, can be the best experiences you will have on your trip to TOKYO.


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