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In this post, we will see how to start learn Japanese, as there are often many doubts about where to start, how to do it, what curriculum to follow… It’s always complicated, that’s why I’ll show you how to start studying Japanese.

  • Below is a list of recommended Japanese books.

#1. Set your goals: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

Why do you want to learn Japanese? It may be for travel, work, an interest in the culture, or simply for fun. Having clear objectives will keep you motivated throughout the learning process.

#2. Learn the hiragana and katakana alphabets: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

learn japanese

These two writing systems are essential for reading and writing in Japanese. Take the time to familiarize yourself with them and practice their writing and pronunciation.

#3. Study basic vocabulary: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

Start with simple words and phrases related to everyday situations, such as greetings, numbers, colors, food, etc. Use flashcards to help you memorize vocabulary.

#4. Learn basic grammar: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

learn japanese

Understand simple Japanese grammatical structures. Learn how to form affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences, as well as the basic particles that indicate the function of each word in a sentence.

#5. Practice Pronunciation: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

Japanese has different phonetics than English or Spanish, so it is essential to work on the correct pronunciation of Japanese sounds. Listen and repeat words and phrases aloud.

#6. Use educational resources: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

learn japanese

There are many resources available for learning Japanese, such as apps, textbooks, online courses and videos. Find the ones that suit your learning style and use them to expand your knowledge.

#7. Immersion in the language: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

Immerse yourself in the Japanese language as much as possible. Listen to Japanese music, watch Japanese-language series and movies with subtitles, and try to read blogs or short articles in Japanese.

#8. Practice with native speakers: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

learn japanese

If possible, look for opportunities to practice with native speakers or people who are also learning Japanese. Participate in language exchanges or join online communities where you can interact with native Japanese speakers.

#9. Keep a learning diary: (The best way to learn Japanese online).

Keep track of your daily progress and practice. Write down new words, expressions or grammatical structures you learn and try to use them in different contexts.

#10. Be constant and patient: (The best way to learn Japanese online)

Learning a new language takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged if you encounter difficulties along the way. Be consistent in your practice and maintain a positive attitude towards learning.

Remember that regular practice and constant exposure to the language are key to improving your Japanese skills. Good luck on your learning journey!