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List of Japanese particles N5 | Particles jlpt n5 + exercises

This is a complete JLPT N5 particle list of every Japanese particle for beginners that you must know in order to pass the Noken 5 Japanese exam.

Joshi 助詞 | Japanese Suffixes | Japanese Particles

Japanese particles, 助詞 (joshi), are suffixes or short words in Japanese grammar that immediately follow the noun, verb, adjective or modified sentence.

Some are similar to prepositions in Spanish, although there are a variety of different uses and meanings.

#RomajiJapaneseGrammatical meaning
1dakeだけonly; just; as much as~
2gasubject marker; however; but ~
3kaquestion particle
5karaからbecause; since; since
6kedoけどbut; however; although ~
7keredo moけれどもbut; however; although ~
8madeまでup to; to the extent that; up to (a measure); even ~
10naaなあsentence-final particle; confirmation; admiration, etc.
11ndesuんですexplaining something; showing the emphasis
12neIsn’t that right? Right? Huh?
13nitarget particle; at; a;
14ni/eに/へto (indicates address / destination)
15nopossessive particle
16no desuのですexplaining something; showing the emphasis
17nodeのでbecause of; since
18o / goお / ごpoliteness marker; honorific prefixed particle
19o / woobject marker particle
20tari~tariたり~たりdo things like A and B
21toand; with; as; connecting particle
22wa – topic markerthematic marker
23yaand; or; connecting particle
24yoyou know; emphasis (final particle)
25yori ~hou gaより~ほうが[A] is more than [B].
Japanese particles (n5 particles)
Japanese particles
Writing in Japanese

Exercises Japanese particles | Exercises Japanese n5 particles

Here are some exercises on Japanese particles and verbs:

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