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Discover the best Pokémon coloring pages (+200)


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If you are a Pokémon fan and you like to color, this is the website you were looking for! Here you will find the best Pokémon coloring pages as you like, come in and discover in our gallery everything we have to offer you!

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How to make a pokemon coloring book with the all pokemon coloring sheets in this page.

If you like all the pictures you can print all the Pokémon coloring sheets and bind them together to create a Pokémon coloring book.

Section of Pokémon Pokémon coloring pages and Pokémon coloring book

Pokémon, is one of the most popular video games of recent times and also of the old ones (the 90’s generation), and therefore we know that many of you are fans of this game and you also like to draw and color, so we have created a section specialized in pokemon coloring pages printable and bring them to life with your colored pencils.

In this section you will find a wide variety of all Pokémon coloring pages, from the best known to the most unknown or new.

Don’t wait any longer and start exploring our gallery and get ready to coloring Pokemon pages printable!

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We put the Pokémon coloring pages in order of the numbers of each Pokémon in the Pokédex.

Bulbasaur coloring sheet | Ivysaur coloring | Venusaur coloring

At the beginning you will find Bulbasaur coloring sheet, one of the initial Pokémon given to choose from the Plant element, followed by Ivysaur coloring, which has a beautiful flower bud (although not yet in bloom) and also its latest evolution, the Pokémon Venusaur coloring, of which the bud has already bloomed and is in full splendor. We start with these Pokémon coloring pages, as these are the evolution of this initial plant Pokémon, and the first to appear in the Pokédex.

Mega Venusaur coloring | Pokémon coloring pages

We have also decided to add where there are Pokémon mega evolutions to color and print, as many love these.

In this case it’s Mega Venusaur coloring.

mega venusaur coloring

Charmander coloring page | Charmeleon coloring page | Charizard coloring page

In this row there are Pokémon coloring pages, as is the case of Charmander coloring page, another of the initial Pokémon that you can choose, but in this case it is of the fire element, followed by Charmeleon coloring page, the evolution of this small fire Pokémon, and last but not least Charizard coloring page.

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Mega Charizard coloring page | Pokémon coloring pages

We hope you like these Mega Charizard coloring pages.

We have Mega Charizard X coloring page and Mega Charizard Y coloring page.

Squirtle coloring page | Wartortle coloring page | Blastoise coloring page

If you like Water Pokémon, this is your row of Pokémon coloring page, as you will find Squirtle printable, the famous initial water Pokémon so much fun, and you can use your colors to give life to Squirtle coloring pages, it is followed in the same row by Pokémon Wartortle coloring page, as it is his second evolution, but the best as always comes at the end, and is that at the end of this row you will find Blastoise coloring page.

Mega Blastoise coloring page | Pokémon coloring sheets

We present you the Mega Blastoise coloring pages, have a lot of fun with your colored pencils or markers!

mega blastoise coloring pages

Caterpie coloring pages | Metapod coloring pages | Butterfree coloring pages

We start the bug zone, with the famous Caterpie coloring pages, the precious little worm that had Misty scared to death in the forest, followed by his tougher evolution, Metapod to color, but after this hard and greenish carcass, comes a beautiful butterfly, Butterfree coloring pages.

Weedle coloring pages | Kakuna coloring pages | Beedrill coloring pages

We are still in the bug zone, but now comes the poisonous Weedle coloring pages, be careful with his little head or you will suffer, he is followed by his evolution Kakuna to color, do not trust the yellow cocoon, because at any moment he can scare you because from him comes out Beedrill coloring pages, a single bite will make you scream.

Mega Beedrill coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

A horror for those who hate bees and wasps, the mega Beedrill coloring pages will be your nightmare.

mega beedrill coloring pages

Pidgey coloring pages | Pidgeotto coloring pages | Pidgeot coloring pages

This time we glide into the flying area, starting with Pidgey coloring pages, the little bird Pokémon, followed by the loyal Pidgeotto coloring pages, one of Ash’s first Pokémon, who endlessly helped his beloved trainer, then comes the latest evolution, Pidgeot coloring pages.

Mega Pidgeot coloring pages | Pokémon coloring sheets

We leave you this famous little bird in its best evolution, Mega Pidgeot for coloring.

pokemon coloring pages

Ratata coloring pages | Raticate coloring pages

In this area we have this cute purple ratite, Ratata to color, following its evolution with big and sharp teeth, Raticate to color.

Remember that if you want other Pokémon coloring sheets you can leave a comment below.

Spearow coloring pages | Fearow coloring pages | Pokémon coloring sheets

Back in the flying zone, we meet a cranky little bird, the famous Spearow coloring pages, followed by the cheeky Fearow coloring pages.

Ekans coloring pages | Arbok coloring pages | Pokémon coloring sheets

We present to you Jessy’s favorite Team rocket Pokémon, Ekans coloring pages, the famous and loyal snake used by Team Rocket’s woman, the one who turns to fight for her in Arbok to color.

Pikachu coloring pages | Raichu coloring pages | Pokémon coloring sheets

The most famous Pokémon coloring sheets ever, faithful and intimate companion of Ash, have fun painting one of the most beloved Pokémon by the community and generation of the 90s, Pikachu coloring pages, give life with your bright yellow pencils to this famous Kawaii Pikachu coloring.

It is followed by its evolution Raichu coloring pages, which Pikachu refuses to evolve using the thunderstone.

We hope you liked the Pikachu to color and print, but below you will find Pikachu and Ash coloring pages, and Pikachu and his friends coloring pages, plus a special Pikachu Christmas drawings.

This is undoubtedly for many users a kawaii Pokémon coloring pages.

Pikachu y Ash para colorear | Pokémon coloring sheets

We leave you some drawings of Pikachu and Ash coloring pages, these inseparable friends who have recently said goodbye to us after so many years.

Pikachu and his friends coloring pages | Pokémon coloring sheets

We leave you these beautiful drawings of several generations of Pikachu and his friends to color.

Christmas Pikachu coloring | Pokémon coloring sheets

And we leave you this special of Christmas Pikachu coloring, among which are Pikachu and Pichu and in the other Pikachu Christmas drawings are Pikachu and his friends to color.

Sandshrew coloring pages | Sandlash coloring pages

Pokémon sand Sandshdrew coloring pages, this little guy loves the desert as well as his evolution Sandlash to color.

Nidoran coloring pages | Nidorina coloring pages | Nidoqueen coloring pages

This small poison type, is blue colored differently from what is usually thought when they are females, since the male of this same species is pink, paint Nidoran coloring pages and its evolutions Nidorina coloring pages which takes the spikes out of her body when she feels threatened and the great mommy Nidoqueen coloring pages of earth and poison type.

Nidoran coloring pages | Nidorino coloring pages | Nidoking coloring pages

This is the male part of this Pokémon family, it starts with Nidoran coloring pages, the little pink guy we told you about before, followed by his evolutions Nidorino coloring pages and the famous and sometimes beloved Nidoking coloring pages.

Clefairy coloring pages | Clefable coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This adorable little pink normal type little guy from Mt. Moon (later in his sixth generation he changes to fairy type), is Clefairy coloring pages, and he is followed by his evolution Clefable to color.

This Clefairy is one of the kawaii Pokémon coloring pages.

Vulpix coloring pages | Ninetales coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

Enjoy Brock’s Pokémon, Vulpix coloring pages, this little brownish orange colored fox, enjoy this Vulpix to color, and his prettiest evolution of the white fox Ninetales coloring pages, if you want to know where his appearance comes from, this one comes from the Kitsune (like the one from naruto), the spirit of Japanese mythology.

Jigglypuff coloring pages | Wigglytuff coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This preciousness is a kawaii Pokémon coloring pages without a doubt, users love this pink Pokémon that left everyone asleep and amused us drawing with black marker on the face of all those who could not stand his song awake, it is Jigglypuff coloring pages.

Followed by its evolution Wigglytuff coloring pages.

Zubat coloring pages | Golbat coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

Let’s go to the bat cave and meet another of trainer Brock’s Pokémon, Zubat coloring pages, this little bat is flying poison type, and although some trainers found it tiresome to find it in the Game boy editions of Pokémon, it has become an icon that bothers many and that others love.

This is one of the easiest Pokémon drawings to color.

It is followed by its extremely big-mouthed evolution, which emits even more squeaks than the previous one, this is Golbat coloring pages.

Oddish coloring pages | Gloom coloring pages | Vileplume coloring pages

First in this corner of the “aromatic” plants we find Oddish coloring pages, the small and cheerful plant Pokémon, followed by Gloom coloring pages, the “stinky” Pokémon if you dislike him, and we come to the end of these evolutions of the first generation of Oddish, it is Vileplume coloring pages, the maroon flower Pokémon.

Paras coloring pages | Parasect coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

In this section we meet the adorable Paras coloring pages, the little orange Pokémon that looks half like a mushroom and half like a crab, followed by his evolution Parasect coloring pages.

Paras coloring pages is great for kids who like nature and the beach, so it’s a good Pokémon coloring page to print out.

Venonat coloring pages | Venomoth coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

In this section we have one of trainer Tracy’s Pokémon from the orange league, Venonat coloring pages, with an amazing view, this Pokémon coloring pages you may like a lot, followed by his evolution that looks like a moth, Venomoth coloring pages.

Diglett coloring pages | Dugtrio coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

In the dig tunnels section we find Diglett coloring pages, a little friend who looks like a mole digging dark tunnels, followed by his faithful companion and evolution Dugtrio coloring pages.

Meowth coloring pages | Persian coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

In the cat section we find the most famous Pokémon member of Team Rocket, Meowth coloring pages, the stray cat who always dreamed of being petted by Giovanni the boss of Team Rocket and kicked out his evolution, the evil Persian coloring pages.

Psyduck coloring pages | Golduk coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

Here we can see the Pokémon that most annoy the trainer Misty, Ash’s red-haired friend, although in many occasions this trainer is seen wanting Psyduck coloring pages, so if you like ducks this is one of the Pokémon coloring pages that you can choose, if you like ducks a little more defined and strong, take a look at the smartest evolution among them, Golduck coloring pages.

Mankey coloring pages | Primeape coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

In this fighting section we can see the cute Pokémon Mankey coloring pages, and his most bad-tempered evolution of all, Primeape coloring pages. A worthy boxer who can put you on the ropes if he doesn’t like you at all.

Growlithe coloring pages | Arcanine coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

In this section we present one of the Pokémon that receives more honor due to agent Mara/Jenny, Growlithe coloring pages, this small and faithful police dog is always by his trainer’s side and never hesitates to help her in everything she needs, his evolution Arcanine coloring pages can take you on his back and go through the meadow in a few minutes.

Poliwag coloring pages | Poliwhirl coloring pages | Poliwrath coloring pages

We start with the little tadpole Pokémon, Poliwag coloring pages, followed by his evolution Poliwhirl coloring pages, this one changes direction his stomach spiral as he evolves, and becomes somewhat stronger as he develops his fists, Poliwrath coloring pages follows, a rather strong and tough Pokémon coloring pages.

Abra coloring pages | Kadabra coloring pages | Alakazam coloring pages

In this area of psychic Pokémon we find the elusive Abra coloring pages, followed by the Pokémon of the trainer and Gym leader Sabrina, the Pokémon Kadabra coloring pages, its unique abilities using its spoons can surprise you, ending this evolution the great magician of illusions Alakazam coloring pages.

Mega Alakazam coloring pages | Pokémon printable

Test your skills as a painter of mega evolutions, with this Mega Alakazam coloring pages.

mega alakazam coloring pages

Machop coloring pages | Machoke coloring pages | Machamp coloring pages

Let’s start with a fighting Pokémon called Machop coloring pages, of his evolutions is the one that has less muscle, followed by the bodybuilder Machoke coloring pages, his veins and muscles are huge and is a Pokémon very hard to crack and difficult to beat, followed by his latest evolution which has 2 more arms which will make you not see where it comes from a rain of punches, the Pokémon Machamp coloring pages.

Bellsprout coloring pages | Weepinbell coloring pages | Victreebel coloring pages

This little plant Pokémon likes to photosynthesize in the forest, this is Bellsprout coloring pages, followed by one of James’ Team Rocket Pokémon, Weepinbell coloring pages, followed by his latest evolution Victreebel, which always eats his trainer James’ head.

Tentacool coloring pages | Tentacruel coloring pages | Pokémon printable

You don’t want to encounter these poisonous, cephalopod-looking jellyfish like Aura/May did as it caused her trauma, this is the Pokémon Tentacool coloring pages, followed by its more poisonous evolution Tentacruel coloring pages.

Stay away from warm waters, as it tends to float in them and is found almost everywhere in the Pokémon ocean.

Geodude coloring pages | Graveler coloring pages | Golem coloring pages

We start with one of Brock’s most loyal Pokémon, Geodude coloring pages, followed by his evolution a big chunk of rock with 4 arms, called Graveler coloring pages, followed by a last evolution that loses 2 arms and have a name based on mythology, Golem coloring pages.

Ponyta coloring pages | Rapidash coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This beautiful flaming horse is Ponyta coloring pages, at birth his legs are very weak but soon become so strong that he can carry a human without problems even though he is so small.

He is followed by his evolution, the fire steed called Rapidash coloring pages, a very fast being comparable to the speed of Dodrio, as he can run between 200 and 240km/h if he is well trained.

Slowpoke coloring pages | Slowbro coloring pages

This pink Pokémon with a stunned face, which could compete with Psyduck, is called Slowpoke coloring page and always takes long walks on the beach and waits with its tail tucked in the water waiting to become its Slowbro coloring page evolution as soon as its tail is bitten.

Mega Slowbro coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

We leave you with the most intelligent evolution of these two individuals, it is Mega Slowbro coloring page.

If you like the Mega evolutions, you might like these Pokémon coloring page and print Slowbro.

pokemon coloring pages

Magnemite coloring pages | Magneton coloring pages

In the power plant we can find this little magnet-shaped Pokémon, called Magnemite coloring pages, when 3 of them get together we can see its evolution called Magneton coloring pages, with triple the energy of its pre-evolution.

Farfetch´d coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

This bold little bird can fool you, his name is Farfetch’d coloring pages, always accompanied by his big leek which he always uses to make his nest, to strike blows when fighting, to defend himself, or on rare occasions as emergency food. But he gets very sad when his leek is missing.

For us it is a kawaii Pokémon coloring pages.

Doduo coloring pages | Dodrio coloring pages

This twin bird Pokémon with a kawaii face is Doduo coloring pages, it can not fly almost nothing but it is super fast, although this little Pokémon can also get angry, its two heads will not stop bothering, until the Doduo loses control over itself.

It follows its evolution with 3 heads, a competitive being if ever there was one, its 3 heads represent sadness, happiness and anger.

Seel coloring pages | Dewgong coloring pages

We go on a trip to the Foam Islands, to find in the caves and water of these islands Seel coloring pages, for us this little one is one of the kawaii drawings to color, although to be honest little can be colored because this little seal Pokémon is white in its entirety.

It is followed by its evolution Dewgong coloring pages, this elongated seal usually transports people across the ocean, and it likes to help a lot, as it is a very kind-hearted being.

These Pokémon are said to live in colonies of up to about 30 Seel and about 5 or 6 Dewgong.

Grimer coloring pages | Muk coloring pages

Get ready to stop breathing come Grimer coloring pages and its evolution Muk coloring pages. You don’t want to be near them, as the stench they leave behind will prevent you from breathing, but as soon as you catch it it won’t leave you alone, as it’s a very affectionate Pokémon and you’ll also stop smelling it, so it can be a good adventure companion.

Muk to color can even hug its trainer, so be prepared to feel something sticky, like a Slime all over your body.

Shellder coloring pages | Cloyster coloring pages

This Pokémon with purple shell and tongue out is called Shellder coloring pages, this Pokémon is very expected by Slowpoke, because with its pincer grip is attached to the tail of Slowpoke.

It is followed by its evolution Cloyster coloring pages, this Pokémon has a super hard shell, and can live out of the water, but it has a big disadvantage when it fights, and is that it keeps its shell closed and only opens it to eat or attack, but before attacking it is not watching, so if you have a trainer you have no choice but to trust it.

Gastly coloring pages | Haunter coloring pages | Gengar coloring pages

We start the ghostly zone with the famous Gastly coloring pages, where in chapter 20 of the anime a girl was left waiting on a cliff until her beloved returned and Gastly coloring pages Pokémon always appeared in the place and also talked.

He is followed by Haunter coloring pages, a Pokémon that loves to play pranks especially in the Tower of Terror area in Lavender Town.

Last and not least we have Gengar coloring pages, the strongest evolution of Gastly, and has a Japanese legend that says that at night Gengar to draw goes out to scare and lose travelers so he can steal their soul. So be careful, don’t go alone on the road without taking a Pokémon companion who can handle Gengar coloring pages.

Mega Gengar coloring pages

The darkest evolution ever, we present you Mega Gengar coloring page.

mega gengar coloring page

Onix coloring pages | Pokémon printable

This “worm” made of rock, is one of the Pokémon that trainer Brock uses to fight against Ash for the Rock medal.

As a curiosity if you don’t like to paint Onix coloring pages in gray, you can paint it in a light blue, since in an episode of the Orange Archipelago there was an Onix to color in crystal, which was totally immune to water-type attacks.

Drowzee coloring pages | Hypno coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages printable

In the medium zone we find this peculiar brownish-yellow Pokémon with an elephant trunk called Drowzee coloring pages. He is followed by his more intelligent and tenacious evolution, Hypno coloring pages, make sure you don’t stare at his pendulum or you’ll get dreamy.

Krabby coloring pages | Kingler coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages printable

We are going to spend a day at the beach, and we are going to find this little crab named Krabby coloring pages, be careful not to anger him too much because his little tenacious ones will hurt you a lot. Remember that Krabby coloring pages will not stare at you, but he will watch your every move in order to catch you.

Now goes his evolution Kingler coloring pages, be careful with his giant pincer, because he communicates with others when he moves it in the air, and he can attract many Kingler and Krabby with a simple flapping of his pincer.

Voltorb coloring pages | Electrode coloring pages

Introducing some explosive Pokéball-shaped Pokémon, Voltorb coloring pages and Electrode coloring pages Pokéball.

I’ll tell you the story of this little coloring Voltorb: they were first seen in a plant where the famous modern Poké Balls were invented and it is believed that these Pokémon coloring pages were created by being exposed to a strong energy pulse.

Exeggcute coloring pages | Exeggutor coloring pages

Pokémon Exeggcute coloring pages is the Pokémon with the most heads in the game, and each one has a different face. Its evolution Exeggutor coloring pages loses 3 heads to become a kind of walking palm tree. As a curiosity if one of Exeggutor’s coloring heads grows too big, it will fall off of it and fall to the ground and group with others to become a coloring Exeggcute.

Cubone coloring pages | Marowak coloring pages

Meet this iconic Cubone coloring pages Pokémon, this little printable Pokémon likes to keep himself out of sight of people to avoid social situations, as he has a trauma caused by the death of his mother, where on full moon days and many nights he emits a very sad sound and uncontrollable crying.

When Cubone coloring pages Pokémon accepts the death of its mother it evolves into Marowak coloring pages Pokémon, and this coloring Pokémon seeks revenge against its natural enemy Pokémon Mandibuzz, which took advantage of Cubone coloring pages Pokémon because of its naturally weak and shy behavior when crying.

Hitmonlee coloring pages | Hitmonchan coloring pages

In this ring we find these 2 fighting Pokémon, Hitmonlee coloring pages and Hitmochan coloring pages.

As a curiosity I will tell you that Hitmonlee coloring pages is based on a real character named Bruce Lee, on the other hand the Pokémon Hitmonchan coloring pages is based on the real character Jackie Chan.

If you look at the name Hit-Mon-Lee (contains the surname Lee) and Hit-Mon-Chan (the surname Chan).

Lickitung coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

I present to you a Pokémon with an extremely long tongue, one lick and you’ll be up and down full of drool, this is Lickitung coloring pages. As a very funny curiosity I will tell you that Jessy from Team Rocket captured it and participated against Misty in the Queen and Princess Festival, and shortly after it mistakenly changed his Lickitung coloring pages for a Wobbuffet coloring pages.

Koffing coloring pages | Weezing coloring pages

In this stinky area I present to you Koffing coloring pages, he is spherical and full of toxic gases, when he plays the “geyser” he expels yellow ochre colored gases from his body, but he is James’ Pokémon from Team Rocket in the anime as well as when he evolves into Weezing coloring pages and each of his heads contains a different toxin.

Rhyhorn coloring pages | Rhydon coloring pages

This little rhino look-alike is Rhyhorn coloring pages, when he starts running, he forgets why he started running and keeps going until he falls asleep. But, he can remember the reason by demolishing something. Its evolution is Rhydon coloring pages, already on 2 legs this Pokémon coloring pages registers as a Pokémon capable of demolishing several buildings with a swipe of its tail sweep, and also its horn is capable of piercing solid rock and breaking diamonds.

Chansey coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

When you are sick don’t worry, the nurse Chansey coloring pages will cure you, carrier and caretaker of an egg always tucked in her pocket, this precious kawaii Pokémon coloring pages is only female, there is no male counterpart.

As a curiosity of Chansey coloring pages, you should know that Joy nurses in the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and orange islands use this kawaii Pokémon coloring pages. The 1st appearance of Chansey for coloring was in the episode Pokémon Emergency!

Tangela coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This small Pokémon covered in blue seaweed-like vines is called Tangela coloring pages, in the anime Officer Mara/Jenny used Tangela coloring pages during an effort to stop the large army of Gulpin coloring pages that was invading the city.

Kangaskhan coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This kangaroo-like Pokémon is Kangaskhan coloring pages, he always carries with him in his belly a pouch containing a baby Kangaskhan, but unlike his parents, the baby is light purple and has very soft skin.

Mega Kangaskhan coloring pages

Here is Mega Kangaskhan coloring pages.

Horsea coloring pages | Seadra coloring pagse

This kawaii coloring Pokémon is the little Horsea coloring pages, a cute little seahorse that is caught by Misty in the anime, although she later leaves it in the care of her sisters at the gym.

Its evolution is Seadra coloring pages, be careful if you get into the water with one of them because with its poison Seadra coloring pages is toxic enough to induce numbness and even fainting in humans, so you could drown.

Goldeen coloring pages | Seaking coloring pages

This white fish Pokémon with orange spots is Goldeen coloring pages, but you don’t want to put it in an aquarium as a goldfish, as it has a very wild temperament and will use the horn on its forehead to break its way to freedom if it is kept in an aquarium.

Its evolution is Seaking coloring pages, it is the Pokémon of Misty’s sisters in the Gym, and makes its appearance in the chapter Misty the mermaid.

Staryu coloring pages | Starmie coloring pages

These kawaii Pokémon coloring pages, they are starfish with a jewel embedded in their center, are Staryu coloring pages and Starmie coloring pages.

Staryu coloring pages is Misty’s Pokémon and debuted in the Clefairy coloring pages chapters.

Its evolution Starmie coloring pages this echinoderm is apparently formed by 2 purple 5-pointed stars.

Mr Mime coloring pages | Pokémon printable

Meet Pokémon Mimo the famous Mr Mime coloring pages, he is Ash’s mom’s Pokémon, who always helps with household chores, and is affectionately nicknamed by mom as “Mimey”.

Scyther coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

This green colored bug Pokémon with super arms with blades is Scyther coloring pages, as a curiosity about this Pokémon coloring pages you have to know that if it sees something red it gets in a very bad mood and becomes totally aggressive, so if you go through the forest avoid wearing a red shirt.

Another curiosity about Scyther coloring pages, is that when a challenger of its species successfully defeats the current leader of the pack, it replaces him, and the previous defeated leader is exiled from the swarm.

Jynx coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

This blonde female-like Pokémon with large painted lips is Jynx coloring pages, and has a language that sounds very similar to human speech and includes several crying patterns, lending credence to the theory of some that Pokémon were once human.

Electabuzz coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

This electrifying Pokémon is Electabuzz coloring pages, in the anime I remember an episode of baseball fans where the song still resonates in my head (as the girl kept singing it), The team the Electabuzz is always the best….

If you don’t want to paint Electabuzz coloring pages yellow you should know that you can paint him blue, since in the dark he will glow light blue because of the electric charges that run through his body.

Magmar coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

This obnoxious Pokémon from cold places is Magmar coloring pages, as a curiosity Magmar’s body temperature for coloring is almost 2,200 ° Fahrenheit (i.e. about 1,200 ° Celsius).

In the anime he has shown to be able to stop electric shocks from his opponent with supercharged air, he also blows intense flames that come out of his whole body to intimidate his enemies and incinerate the surroundings.

Pinsir coloring pages | Pokémon printable

Pinsir coloring pages seems to be attracted to the color green, in the new Pokémon anime, Pinsir coloring pages is Goh’s Pokémon, in addition to this, his debut was in the chapter the samurai challenge during a battle with Ash, and Pinsir coloring pages easily defeated Ash’s Pidgeotto, but lost to his Metapod coloring pages.

Mega Pinsir coloring pages | Pokémon printable

We leave you Mega Pinsir coloring pages.

pokemon coloring pages

Tauros coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

This buffalo Pokémon is Tauros coloring pages, and Ash captures about 30 Tauros coloring pages in episode 35 of the anime, and they were sent to Professor Oak and there they were all the time forming stampedes.

Magikarp coloring pages | Gyarados coloring page

I present to you this orange Koi carp that has a story behind it, it is Magikarp coloring pages, and it is said that this fish will go down the river and when it gets up it will turn into a dragon.

As a curiosity James from Team Rocket bought a Magikarp coloring pages from the Magikarp seller, later it became a Gyarados coloring pages in the next episode, since James abandons it because of its supposed uselessness, because it only comes out the splashing movement.

His evolution Gyarados coloring pages, is more fierce than his ancestor, as it is said that during evolution the brain undergoes a change and is possibly the cause of his fierce temperament.

If you don’t want to color Gyarados blue, you can color it red, as it is its shiny version and appears in the anime.

Mega Gyarados coloring pages | Pokémon printable

We leave you Mega Gyarados coloring pages.

mega gyarados coloring page

Lapras coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This cutie is called Lapras coloring pages, it looks like a plesiosaur and loves to carry people across the water.

Ash even captured a Lapras coloring pages, used it to move between the orange islands and then returned it to the family, where Ash’s Lapras coloring pages became the undisputed leader of the pack.

As a curiosity there is a Gigantamax Lapras and 5,000 people can ride on it.

Ditto coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

This pink transforming and slimy Pokémon is called Ditto coloring pages, it can transform into any Pokémon, although normally this one will have a visual defect, since if it is not trained it is not able to do it perfectly.

If you don’t like the Ditto coloring pages in pink, you can color it in blue, as it is its shiny version and appears in the anime.

Eevee coloring pages | Vaporeon coloring pages | Jolteon coloring pages | Flareon coloring pages

The best Eevee coloring book:

Let’s start with Eevee coloring pages, each of them is about one of its evolutions by means of a Water, Thunder or Fire stone.

Eevee coloring pages is the Pokémon with the most evolutions and each one of them is equally powerful and cute, which makes it a kawaii Pokémon coloring pages.

Vaporeon coloring pages is from trainer Rainer one of the Eevee brothers, plus they have a unique composition with water molecules that helps it camouflage itself completely within water.

Jolteon coloring pages is owned by Sparky another of the Eevee brothers, it is a coloring Pokémon with unparalleled temperament changes. It can discharge 10,000 volts of lightning.

Flareon coloring pages is owned by Pyro another of the Eevee brothers, it loves roasted berries, which it roasts with its flames. Flareon coloring pages average body temperature is around 1,300-1,500 ° F (i.e. about 700-800 ° C), but it can reach 1,700 ° F (about 900 ° C).

Pokémon para colorear Eevee y sus evoluciones

We leave you the Pokémon drawings to color Eevee and its evolutions:

Porygon coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

The Porygon coloring pages is artificial, as it is completely made of programming code.

As a curiosity in Episode 38 of the anime, Doctor Akihabara created 2 specimens of Porygon coloring pages, one was stolen by Team Rocket and the other was lent to Ash.

This same episode created a very big stir in Japan, as 600 children were taken to several hospitals by ambulance, due to symptoms similar to epilepsy caused by seizures that caused the blue and red color, which was an intermittent stroboscopic effect that was present at various points in the episode, and therefore was banned and never aired anywhere in the world, and only a few of us could see the episode.

Omanyte coloring pages | Omastar coloring pages

This small mollusk is an extinct cephalopod in Pokémon similar to an ammonite or nautilus, it is Omanyte coloring pages, and can be revived from a fossil.

In one of the episodes Ash finds many Omanyte and other revived Pokémon coloring pages among them, which causes it to run away until an Aerodactyl coloring pages makes its appearance and scares away its fellow Pokémon.

Its evolution is Omastar coloring pages, and it is believed that the cause of the extinction of this Pokémon coloring pages was a consequence of the increasingly heavy weight of its shell that affected its mobility, including its hunting and thus affected its stomach until its total extinction.

Kabuto coloring pages | Kabutops coloring pages

We continue with the revived fossils, in this case I present you Kabuto coloring pages, it is similar to a horseshoe crab, it appears in the same episode as the previous ones and they are the ones that try to scare Ash and Team Rocket.

Its evolution is Kabutops coloring pages, this Pokémon has blades as hands and was in the process of becoming an inhabitant of the earth, as evidenced by the changes in their gills and legs, resembling the human.

Aerodactyl coloring pages | Pokémon coloring pages

It is a prehistoric Pokémon that resembles a pterosaur and has several draconic features, and was revived thanks to an amber. It appears in the same episode as its fossil revived companions.

Mega Aerodactyl coloring pages

We leave you Mega Aerodactyl coloring pages.

Snorlax coloring pages | Kawaii Pokémon coloring pages

The laziest and biggest Pokémon, who only managed to move thanks to a special flute, is Snorlax coloring pages, he loves to eat his fill (about 400kg he eats) and is one of Ash’s Pokémon coloring pages. Although he spent most of his time in Professor Oak’s lab.

As a curiosity of Snorlax coloring pages he loves children and small Pokémon jump on his belly.

Articuno coloring pages | Zapdos coloring pages | Moltres coloring pages | Legendary Pokémon coloring pages

Articuno coloring pages is one of the legendary Pokémon coloring pages, it has blue color, is ice and is smaller than its companions. He made his debut in the movie The Power of One.

When Articuno coloring pages flaps its wings, it can cool all the moisture in the air around it, causing it to suddenly snow. According to legend, Articuno coloring pages appears to doomed and lost travelers in icy regions, and as seen in the anime, Articuno coloring pages sometimes helps travelers and guides them to safety, so that they do not die.

Zapdos coloring pages is the most likely to win against its fellow birds, the legendary Pokémon coloring pages. When Zapdos coloring pages flaps its shiny, pretty wings, it releases electricity that ends up causing thunderstorms.

Zapdos coloring pages when it flies produces massive cracking and popping sounds, similar to sounds of lightning and thunder when it is in the air. According to reports in the anime, Zapdos coloring pages appears only during thunderstorms, though it is rarely seen and gains a lot of power when hit by lightning, as Zapdos coloring pages recharges that way, which is why it likes to be in between thunderstorms.

Moltres to color, is the last of the 1st generation legendary Pokémon coloring pages birds. When Moltres coloring pages it flaps its wings it spews embers all around it, creating a bright and perfect flash of flames of various orange hues. Moltres coloring pages resembles a phoenix and if it dives into the magma of an active volcano at that time, this is one of the legendary Pokémon coloring pages that can heal itself.

Dratini coloring pages | Dragonair coloring pages | Dragonite coloring pages

In the dragon section we find the cute Dratini coloring pages, this little guy made his debut in the banned episode number 35 with the protection of the warden of the Safari Zone. By the end of the episode the coloring Dratini that the warden had met 30 years before, had become Dragonair coloring pages and was now raising his Dratini’s coloring pages son.

Next comes his more elegant evolution, Dragonair coloring pages and as you can see in the anime, he can make his wings grow bigger so he can fly, but otherwise he moves through the air without any help. If you don’t like Dragonair coloring pages in blue you can color it in a soft lilac as this is its Shiny version in the anime.

And finally I present to you Dragonite coloring pages the most powerful Pokémon of these 3, it is egg colored and has wings on its back. Dragonite coloring pages is a Pokémon of Ash that was caught freshly evolved in the Test of paradise.

Mewtwo coloring pages | Mew coloring pages | Legendary Pokémon coloring pages

The last of the Pokédex of Kanto and also legendary are Mewtwo coloring pages and Mew coloring pages.

As one of the curiosities of Mewtwo I will tell you that this Pokémon created by laboratory has anniversary, that’s right, Mewtwo’s birthday is February 6, as it indicates the day of its creation.

Mew to color also have their curiosities, as the history of Mew coloring pages is the existence of South America, at least as it could be seen of a specific South American nation. Mew coloring pages was found for the 1st time in Guyana (South America), and it is a place known for its dense rainforests.

Besides birds Mewtwo coloring pages and Mew coloring pages are the most sought after legendary Pokémon to color from the 1st generation.

Mega Mewtwo coloring pages | Mega Mewtwo X coloring pages y Mega Mewtwo Y coloring pages

Introducing Mega Mewtwo coloring pages: both the Mega Mewtwo X coloring pages and the Mega Mewtwo Y coloring pages.

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