Tatsuya Kitani 『Scar』 LYRICS キタニ タツヤ | BLEACH: Thousand Year Blood War Opening

During a special event held in Japan, the first two episodes of the anime Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War (Sennen Kessen Hen) were exclusively premiered. In addition, it was officially announced that the series will premiere on October 10, 2022 on the Japanese channel TVTokyo. Moreover, it was revealed that the series will consist of 4 seasons and will be available in simulcast on different platforms. Finally, as artists of the musical themes of the series, it was confirmed that they will be Tatsuya Kitani with “Scar” as opening and Hiroyuki Sawano with “Saihatte (The Furtherest End)” as ending.

Below we show Tatsuya Kitani’s song 『Scar』lyrics, in kanji, romaji and English.

Tatsuya Kitani Scar lyrics

Kanji [TV version]



形作った 蠢き出した そして憂いてきたんだろう
証だ 印と報いを辿った僕お を
刻んで 共にまた歩き出した

Romaji [TV version]

Ano tenjō wa dō shōyō mo natsu sumiwatatte iru
Nasusube no nai boku ni mebaeta shōsō ga fukurande iku
Dō shitatte okubyōna boku wa warau yō ni
Ikusen no me ga nozoita

Nandomonandomo oreta kokoro o tada
Kakushi teru dake
Itsuka ai ni naru sonohi made

Nomikonde kita kanashimi no subete ga boku o
Katachidzukutta ugomeki dashita soshite uite kitandarou
Kokyū to onajiyōni hitotsuhitotsu kasanete kitanda
Kono tegata no kazoe kirenai kienaku natta kizuato ga boku no
Akashida shirushi to mukui o tadotta boku o o
Kizande tomoni mata arukidashita


English [TV version]

On that roof, the symptoms are clear in the summertime
I feel helpless, and the frustration that grows in me expands.
No matter what I do, I’m a coward, laughing at myself.
Thousands of eyes watched

My heart broken again and again
I’m just hiding
Until the day it turns to love

All the sadness I swallowed
It took shape, began to writhe, and then I have felt concern.
In the same way as trying to breathe
My countless scars no longer disappear
They are the proof that I have followed the mark and rewarded
I cut him off and we started walking together

Tatsuya Kitani Scar lyrics video

Tatsuya Kitani scar lyrics

Biography of Tatsuya Kitani | Tatsuya Kitani Scar lyrics

Tatsuya Kitani Scar lyrics
Tatsuya Kitani

Tatsuya Kitani, born February 28, 1996, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, bassist, lyricist, composer and arranger. Around 2014, he began releasing songs on the Internet. In 2017, he was bought by his high taste in music and began providing music as a writer and also working as a solo artist.

In 2018, he formed the band “Sajou No Hana”. In September of the same year, he released his solo work “I DO (NOT) LOVE YOU”. The work was highly acclaimed, as he completed all the work by himself, including guitar, bass and programming, except for mastering.


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