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Unkai Terrace: A sea of clouds at your fingertips

Unkai Terrace (雲海テラス), feel the clouds by your side, a spectacular viewpoint where you can almost touch them, and many selfie points to know in this unknown place.

unkai terrace

What is Unkai Terrace 雲海テラス

Unkai Terrace is a very close cloud bank observation facility, that is, where you can see the dynamic sea of clouds flowing when the weather conditions are right.

Unkai Terrace’s sea of clouds scenery flows over the mountains and fills the entire stretching surface being truly a magnificent view of the sky and its clouds.

It has a deck that looks like you are floating in the air, you can feel like you are in a sea of clouds and besides admiring the views you can take some super cool photos for Instagram, where Unkai Terrace will become the envy of the likes.

In addition Unkai Terrace has a viewing deck and a cafe, being a 3-story building, where from its top floor, which is about 12 meters high, you can see a wider view of the magnificent landscape made by nature, as we talked about before, the sea of clouds stretching in the distance, the Hidaka Mountains and the morning sun in front of you.

unkai terrace

Kumo cafe at Unkai Terrace 雲海テラス

Kumo Cafe is located at an altitude of 1,088 meters from the Unkai Terrace. While enjoying sky and cloud-themed drinks and sweets, you can admire the scenery, relax on the indoor sofa and enjoy the time spent waiting for the sea of clouds to photograph.

At Kumo cafe you can choose from “Kumo Soft” expressing fluffy and cute clouds and “Kumo Macaron”.

You can also have “Unkai Coffee” with cloud-shaped marshmallows and “Unkai Soda” with cloud-shaped cotton candy.

unkai terrace

The 6 plans available at Unkai Terrace (雲海テラス).

Let’s take a look at all the plans you can make if you go to the Unkai Terrace location:

1. Unkai Terrace’s famous cloud walk (雲海テラス).

It is a cloud-shaped observation deck where you can experience the sensation of walking on clouds.

It is built protruding from the ground and offers a view of approximately 210 degrees. Its walking distance is 57 meters, and its height from the ground is up to about 10 meters.

It has a structure similar to a suspension bridge, and you may get a little scared as it shakes when you walk, but that also makes it a great experience as you can feel like you are walking on the clouds while admiring the scenery.

unkai terrace

2. The wedge of the skies (excellent vantage point for authentic photos)

It is located a little further up the stairs of the “Cloud Walk” and is an observation deck that juts out like the tip of a ship or a triangle-shaped lookout.

You can take pictures as if they were from a movie (The constructed area is approximately 11 square meters).

unkai terrace

3. Cloud Viewpoint Bench

It is a bench with a length of about 117 meters total, which was installed in the image of contour lines and made use of the natural terrain on purpose for people’s enjoyment.

You can choose seats of various heights and angles according to the movement of the clouds so that you can take the best pictures.

Note: Maximum capacity 200 people

unkai terrace

4. The hammock of the skies

It is a cloud-shaped observation point that looks like a huge hammock about 10 m long and wide.

It has a maximum height of about 8 m above the ground, it is an observation point where you can enjoy the feeling of floating above the clouds while gazing at the magnificent scenery from Higashi Big Snow to Hidaka area.

Note: The capacity is about 10 people, so if you don’t hurry, you will have to wait for a turn.

unkai terrace

5. Beds in the clouds

It is an observation point with a total length of about 15 m that resembles “cloud drops”.

Elastic cushions with a diameter of about 40 ~ 60 cm are installed in a row. It can be used in a free posture such as leaning or sitting, and is characterized by being able to look at the sea of clouds as if you were in the clouds.

These cushions are made of urethane foam with a special coating, developed by the Sixinch furniture brand.

Note: The capacity is about 15 people.

unkai terrace

6. Have a drink at the cloud bar

It was opened in the summer of 2019, and is a viewing spot with the image of a bar counter where you can see a magnificent view of the sea of clouds and the morning sun.

In front of the Cloud Walk, there is a counter and chairs about 3 m above the ground and about 13 m long.

There are 2 types of chairs, one for 1 person and one for 2 people (to enjoy a romantic moment as a couple). When you climb the ladder attached to the chair, you can sit as if you are floating in the mountain scenery.

unkai terrace