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Japanese grammar Jlpt n5 (文法) | Japanese Grammar

This is a complete list of Japanese grammar rules necessary to study for and pass the N5 Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Although there is no official JLPT N5 grammar list 文法, most of the grammar points that have appeared in previous exams are included in this list.

Each word of the JLPT N5, is in alphabetical order romaji – English. In total, there are more than 80 grammar words that you must know to pass the N5, we share with you the 40 most repeated words in the JLPT N5 exams.

Japanese grammar
Japanese grammar

Grammar n5 / Japanese grammar n5

Let’s see as we said a list in order of N5 grammar / basic Japanese n5 grammar to pass the Jlpt N5 exam:

#Grammar Jlpt N5文法レッスンMeaning of the grammar Jlpt N5
1 cha ikenai / ja ikenaiちゃいけない・じゃいけないshould not do (Japanese spoken)
2da / desuだ / ですverb to be
3dakeだけonly | as much as~
4darouだろうI think | it seems | probably | right?
5dein | by | with | by means of
6demoでもbut | however | although~
7deshouでしょうI think | it seems | probably | right?
8donnaどんなwhat type of
9doushiteどうしてwhy | for what reason | how
10douyatteどうやってhow | by what means | with what means
11gahow | by what means | with what means
12ga arimasuがありますhay | es (non-living things)
13ga hoshiiがほしいaspire to sth.
14ga imasuがいますthere is | being | is (living beings)
15hou ga iiほうがいいbetter | would be better | should ~
17ichiban一番(いちばん)the most | the best
18issho ni一緒に(いっしょに)together
19itsumoいつもalways | usually
20janai / dewa naiじゃない・ではないnot to be
21kaquestion particle
23karaからbecause | since
24kata方(かた)the way to do something | how to do
25kedoけどbut | however | although ~
26keredo moけれどもbut | however | although ~
27madaまだnot yet
28mada ~te imasenまだ~ていませんhave not yet ~
29madeまでup to | to the extent that | up to (a measure) | even ~
30mae ni前に(まえに)before | in front of~
31masen kaませんかDo you want to?
32mashouましょうlet’s ~
33mashoukaましょうかI shall ~ (used to offer help to the listener)
35mouもうalready | more | again | another
37naaなあsentence-ending particle | confirmation | admiration, etc.
38naideないでwithout doing~ | Doing [B] without doing [A]
39naide kudasaiないでくださいplease don’t do it
40 naito ikenaiないといけないmust do | has the obligation to do
Japanese grammar jlpt n5

Grammar jlpt n5
Grammar jlpt n5