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‘+15 Insults in Japanese and japanese swear words

We are going to unveil the 15 insults in Japanese that every beginner should know, you can hear them in Japanese, in anime or written in manga, there are many more insults in Japanese, but we are going to put you the most used ones.

Maybe you want to learn the insults in Japanese, to see how others use it with you, or maybe you are joking with your friends or just talking in Japanese and someone makes you angry.

You should know that Japanese culture is especially polite, and it’s rare that you’ll be called any of these insults!

We have translated the following insults into English from the kana, which is the Japanese writing system.

We hope you enjoy and share the Japanese insults article with friends or on Facebook.

To get you warmed up, let’s start with a few softer Japanese insults before we get to the harsher ones that are possibly NSFW.

Aho (あほ) – Idiot in Japanese | Insults in Japanese | Baka

Let’s start gently on how to swear in Japanese.

‘Aho’ is not constantly pronounced as an insult, due to the fact that it can be used in a friendly manner between loved ones or close friends.

However, as in the situation of Spanish, English or any other language, if you mention these swear words in Japanese to a complete stranger, they may not take it so well and you end up in an argument.

This phrase is the typical one said by Japanese crows in anime. Another translation would be baka.

insults in japanese
Idiot “Aho or baka”.

Baka (ば か)- Japanese slang (Japanese swear words) or Insults in Japanese.

When something bothers you about the other, or even embarrasses you, you tend to use swear words in Japanese, in Japan and in anime, it is very common to hear Baka (ば か), when something bothers you, when you are an embarrassed person because for example a guy has told the girl that she has bad hair or untidy hair, out of embarrassment she will let out a loud baka shouting, and this is one of the insults in Japanese that Japanese women resort to the most.

Then the other way is to express foolish in Japanese in a derogatory way, because something has upset you sincerely, but it does not become one of the great insults in Japanese.

Kuso (糞) = Shit in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Japanese swear words).

This is one of the Japanese swear words, which you are likely to express to yourself.

Whether you’ve stubbed your toe or you’ve forgotten your keys in the car, you can express your frustration with the Japanese swear word ‘Kuso’.

Yes, it is not an insult in Japanese towards another person, however we felt it fit into the same category of swearing in Japanese.

insults in japanese
Shit “Kuso”

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Kimoi (きもい) – Creepy or disgusting in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Japanese swear words).

In this way your friend is behaving a bit strangely. Certain ones would mention ‘creepy or disgusting in Japanese’, whether it’s intentional or not.

‘Kimoi’ is a perfect way to describe them in Japanese or say some Japanese insults to them once you get the chance.

insults in japanese
Disgusting “Kimoi”.

Yarô (野郎) – Japanese for jerk | Insults in Japanese

Once you come across a person who is not playing well, you call their attention to them with these Japanese insults.

On a rating of 1 to 10, we would give you a 3.5 concerning offensive Japanese swear words.

However for that reason we give you 15 Japanese swear words to choose from.

insults in japanese
Imbécil “Yaro”

Chibi (ちび) – Japanese short, Japanese dwarf | Insults in Japanese (Japanese swear words).

Measurement could be a sensitive issue on the Asian continent as well as in many countries so saying dwarf in Japanese is one of the most fascinating Japanese insults to make fun of someone shorter than you, or just to tease.

Physical appearance, like elevation, seems to have more significance than in Western civilizations. Not to mention that calling someone “short” fails to offend someone in any culture, although here in Spain as well as in Latin America I know friends who are less than 1.60 cm tall and are very annoyed to be called a dwarf.

insults in japanese
Short “Chibi”.

Yowamushi (弱虫) – Coward in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Swearing in Japanese)

Calling someone a coward in Japanese can make them very angry or not even cause an attitude even if you are giving insults in Japanese.

In a manly environment, calling someone ‘Yowamushi’ will undoubtedly raise testosterone levels, and is one of the most commonly used Japanese swear words in Japan, when you want to get them to drink alcohol, play a game, confront their high school sweetheart, etc., for example.

insults in japanese
Cowardly “Yowamushi”.

Usotsuki (嘘つき) – Liar in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Swearing in Japanese)

No one enjoys being called Japanese swear words or insults in Japanese, let alone being called a liar in Japanese.

This is true, once you talk about something sensitive like money or collaborations….

Japanese or not, it is complicated that calling someone a liar is a joke. For that reason you might want to be careful with this Japanese insult, however you express it, be careful, because someone might take it the wrong way.

insults in japanese
Liar “Uso tsuki”

Dasai (ださい) – Rude in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Swearing in Japanese)

We are going to explain one of the Japanese swear words that Japanese people often use when they want to go to karaoke or bars and a friend is the typical impertinent person who ruins the atmosphere.

We all have a friend who ruins the mood or the celebration for everyone. It’s a Friday night and you’re excited to go out after dinner for karaoke or dancing or drinks, until a friend who is being rude in Japanese ‘dasai’ tells you to leave or stay in the house.

Although, depending on how old you are, that might not be so lame! But still, if you want to vent to your sibling, cousin or friend who is impeding your fun, swearing in Japanese may be an option for you, as they may not even know you’re doing it, and by nature you’re not transgressing the rules of your house and your parents.

insults in japanese
Rude “Dasai”

Chikushô (畜生) – Fu*ck in Japanese, get screwed in Japanese | Insult in Japanese (Japanese swear words)

The traditional “fuc*k word” is one of the Japanese words that translates most directly to Chikusho.

Obviously, each language has its own internal meaning, however from the research we have found, this is the closest resemblance of swearing in Japanese and saying f*ck you in Japanese.

insults in japanese
F*ck “Chikusho”

Ijiwaru (意地悪) – Bitch or slut in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Japanese swear words).

Do you realize that we are entering dangerous territory when swearing in Japanese? There is not much more to say here, except that you should be careful when you say bitch or slut in Japanese, as it is one of the Japanese swear words or insults in Japanese that can piss off a woman the most and get into a war without end, and even more so when it is between 2 women, the fight of insults in Japanese can go on forever.

insults in japanese
Ijiwaru” bitch

Warugaki (わるがき) – Brat in Japanese | Insults in Japanese (Swearing in Japanese)

Like ‘Yaro’, the term brat is a subjectively mild Japanese insult.

At least in English, it’s mostly used to refer to someone who is fond of juvenile behavior.

So for us, it is one of the Japanese swear words, which can be less likely to affect, but can annoy a small child or teenager who is annoying, XD.

insults in japanese
Brat “Warugaki”

Debu (でぶ) – Obese in Japanese, fat in Japanese | Insulting in Japanese

There aren’t a ton of overweight individuals in Japan, despite the fact that sumo battle was started in the Nippon country.

Having said that, it’s unclear to what extent it’s an insult in Japanese generally, but in terms of joking, it’s effective to keep in mind!

Mostly once you try to convince your friends to put the last piece of pizza on the table 🙂 it is one of the great swear words in Japanese, as immediately a Japanese will drop the pizza or whatever they are eating, but be careful how you say it or it will become a somewhat painful Japanese insult.

Note: I hope you have warmed up. The next Japanese insults we suggest you keep to yourself or your closest friends, because these Japanese swear words are definitely not safe for work or class kids or casual colleagues, as you can damage someone’s self-esteem.

insults in japanese
Obese “Debu”

Busu (ぶす) – Ugly woman in Japanese, to call ugly in Japanese (Japanese swear words).

Why would anyone want to mention this? We do not understand it, because it can cause an inner problem, however we will leave it here, because sometime you can get angry with a woman, and just to annoy her, call her ugly in Japanese, but remember, this is very painful for a woman, if I had ever been called this, it would have hurt me a lot, remember that women and self-esteem do not get along well.

And for a man I’m sure it’s the same, saying ugly in Japanese must be one of the Japanese swear words that hurts the most if they have low self-esteem, leave us a comment if you are male and are offended or not by these insults in Japanese, as it will help me to understand.

insults in japanese
Ugly “Busu”

Hentai (へんたい) – Pervert (Swearing in Japanese)

There is another meaning for ‘hentai’ that we suggest you Google on your break (definitely not at the office or school)….

It is one of the Japanese insults or swear words in Japanese that you can call someone, it means pervert, although it sounds a bit strong in Japan, if you say it to a colleague it will be fine, however this is widely used and yes we know you hear it a lot in anime from girls to guys, due to it being used to say piggy in Japanese to their mates, but in real life it is one of the insults in Japanese that is not usual.

insults in japanese
Perverted “Hentai”

Kutabare! (くたばれ!) – Go to hell in Japanese | Go fuck yourself in Japanese

Finally, the typical sentence you mention before leaving the room in a heated dispute or being pissed off. Saying ‘kutabare’ indicates that you end it all on the way out.

insults in japanese
Go to hell “Kutabare”.

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