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31 de January de 2022
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13 de February de 2022
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Exercises on Japanese adjectives | Exercises on Japanese verbs | JLPT Exercises N5

These exercises are for beginners and those studying for the JLPT N5 exam, we will look at Japanese adjectives and Japanese verbs.

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Before doing the exercises, take a look at these posts that will be useful for you to study Japanese, from the following exercises:

Exercises i Japanese adjectives | Japanese Exercises JLPT N5

Let’s do the Exercises i Japanese adjectives:

You must write the sound in Romaji in the second column, and in the third column the meaning in English.

Japanese Verb Exercises | JLPT Japanese Exercises N5

Let’s do the Japanese verb exercises:

You must write the pronunciation of the verbs in romaji in the first exercise, in the second Japanese exercise, you must write the translation of the sentences into English, and finally in the final exercise, you must complete the sentences with the correct verb.